IPX1.2 waterproof test box

IPX1.2 waterproof test box

The rain test machine has a great influence on the aging of the product, the fading of the pigment, and the corrosion of the metal. Therefore, the aging test is increasingly valued by the rubber, plastic, chemical, automobile, textile and other industries. There are many factors in the climate environment, such as, Temperature, humidity, rain, etc. The waterproof test box is an environmental test equipment that simulates rain.


Features of IPX1.2 waterproof test box

1. Working voltage: single-phase three-wire system 220V 50HZ

2. Ambient temperature: 15°~40°C

3. Relative humidity: <70%R.h

4. The inner tank is made of stainless 304 steel

5. The outer box is made of stainless 304 steel

6. The sample stage is equipped with a circular turntable, and the speed is adjustable

Parameters of IPX1.2 waterproof test box

ModelInner box size
Sample table load-bearing30KG
Height of drip box200mm
Sample stage angle15-45 degrees adjustable (based on the vertical direction) (IPX2 test)
Sample speed1r/min (IPX1 test)



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