Combined waterproof test device

Combined waterproof test device

The company focuses on IP waterproof and dustproof test equipment. The equipment adopts an open layout and needs to be specially decorated for waterproof laboratory sites. It is suitable for waterproof testing of small and medium-sized products by lighting and electrical and electronic product certification, testing institutions and quality control departments of production enterprises. use. There are standard test options in the equipment program, and users can adjust according to their own requirements to adapt to different test standards. The equipment has been widely used in the mechanical and electrical laboratories of various entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus, and domestic and foreign product certification laboratories, and the equipment performance has reached an international level.


The complete equipment consists of the following components:

It consists of vertical raindrop test machine (IPX1, IPX2), swing pipe rain test machine (IPX3, IPX4), hand-held shower head (IPX3, IPX4), hand-held nozzle test device (IPX5, IPX6), tiltable rotating stage , IPX7 electric immersion test device, UL water spray test device, UL sprinkler test device, intelligent water supply system, control system.

Parameters of Combined waterproof test device

Technical FeaturesRinse the needle nozzle before the test to prevent the influence of the surface tension of the water on dripping
Advanced anti-clogging technologyThe water tank is oscillated and flushed, and the debris in the needle mouth can be flushed out of the needle hole
Dry the needle tip after the test to prevent the needle tip from scaling
According to different standards, the constant current can be selected separately, and the adaptability is wide.
Digitally controlled water supply technologyThe control controls the water supply according to the flow and is not disturbed by external factors
The starting position and swing angle of the swing tube can be precisely controlled. The servo motor has a set of encoders to detect the current position of the system. The mobile device is a closed-loop system, and the swing angle of the swing tube is controlled at the set position.
Swing tube adopts servo electric driveThe swing angle and speed parameters can be set on the angle, no need to adjust the mechanical structure
Low noise, small swing of the pendulum tube
Water tank lift drive: screw (SUS303 stainless steel T36X8), nut device drive lift, with safety functions such as anti-fall
Thoughtful and reliable security measuresWhen there is an object under the water tank against the water tank, the nut will automatically separate from the water tank, which has a safety function to prevent damage to the water tank and the object being pushed up.

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