IPX1. Waterproof Test Chamber

IPX1. Waterproof Test Chamber

The main function of this equipment is to test the physical and other related properties of products such as electronic and electrical products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts under simulated rain conditions. After the test, it is judged whether the performance of the product meets the requirements through verification, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, verification and factory inspection of the product.


Features of IPX1. Waterproof Test Chamber

1. It is suitable for IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX44k, IPX5, IPX66k, IPX9k waterproof level testing of products.

2. The shell is made of domestic high-quality steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with baking paint, which is beautiful and durable.

3. The inner box, turntable, swing tube, etc. are all made of SUS304# stainless steel plate to ensure long-term use without rust.

a low water level alarm detection.

5. There is a transparent observation window (toughened glass material) on the door, and LED lighting is installed in the box, which is 

ient for observing the internal test situation.

6. IPX12: The drip box is designed with vacuum and made of stainless steel; the contact position of the nozzle is designed with a brass cone, which is convenient to install the spray nozzle.

7. IPX12: It has the function of compressed air drying. After the test is completed, the excess water in the drip tank can be removed to avoid the accumulation of water and scaling to block 

the pinholes. (Note: the user needs to provide air source)

8. IPX344k6k: The swing tube is driven by a domestic high-quality servo stepping motor. The speed and angle of the swing tube are precisely adjustable, and there is no out-of-step problem (out-of-step: it will cause the swing tube to move abnormally and hit the middle turntable shaft, causing equipment damage.) )

9. Filtration measures: Standard high-precision filters can effectively filter impurities in tap water; filter elements can be replaced regularly.

10. Turntable drive: using domestic high-quality stepper motor, the speed and angle can be set on the touch screen (adjustable), accurately and steplessly adjustable within the standard 

range, and can automatically control the forward and reverse rotation (forward and reverse: It is suitable for power-on test with sample to prevent winding).

11. The test box is equipped with a sample power socket (AC220, 10A), and the power on and off time of the sample can be controlled by the program: power failure (0-999min) - power on (0-999min) - power failure (0-999min), suitable for samples Power on and off is required during the test.

12. The test time can be set on the touch screen, the setting range is: 0-999min (adjustable).

13. The core control system adopts a 7-inch touch screen + PLC, and the electrical components adopt imported brands such as LG and Omron. The wiring process meets the requirements of national standards, the electrical board layout is reasonable, the wiring is firm, and the markings are clear.

14. The chassis is equipped with a built-in spare parts box, where common spare parts (such as hexagonal screwdrivers, filter elements, needles, etc.) are placed, which is convenient for users to keep and use.

Parameters of IPX1. Waterproof Test Chamber

Inner box size (mm)

Outer box size (mm)W1350*D3400*H1750
Turntable diameter¢400mm (additional ¢200mm)
Turntable maximum load50KG
Turntable lift height400-750mm
Turntable can be tilted0° or 15° (horizontal)
Turntable speed1 -5r/min (accurately adjustable)
Turntable rotationAlways rotate forward / alternate between forward and reverse rotation / intermittent rotation
Flow adjustment methodManual flow adjustment by means of a flow meter with adjustment panel
Testing time0-999 minutes
Total mass of equipment250kg

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