Tape Durability Tester
Tape Durability Tester
  • Tape Durability Tester
  • Tape Durability Tester

Tape Durability Tester

Product introduction: It is suitable for the stickiness test of various tapes, adhesives, medical tapes, sealing tapes, labels, plasters and other products. Hang the test plate with the sample attached vertically on the test frame, hang the weight of the specified weight at the lower end, use the displacement of the sample after a certain period of time, or the time when the sample is completely detached to characterize the resistance of the adhesive tape to pull the ability to shed.


Parameters of Tape Durability Tester

Test fixture:10 sets (timed separately)
Load:1kg, (or specified)
Timer:10 sets, 99,999.9 hours
Temperature control:Room temperature ~200℃
Temperature display:0.1 ℃
Heating method:Hot air circulation
Safety device:with over temperature and electric overload automatic power off protection facilities
Machine material:Internal SUS#304 stainless steel plate, external high-grade steel plate paint treatment
Inner box size:(L*W*H) 45*34*45
Appearance size:(L*W*H) 97*47*106 cm
Weight:105 kg
Power Supply:1∮,AC220V, 15A

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