Constant temperature tape holding force testing machine

Constant temperature tape holding force testing machine

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB4851 (pressure-sensitive adhesive tape stickiness test method) and plaster adhesive force measurement method. Hang the test board with the adhesive sample vertically on the test stand, and hang a weight with a specified weight at the lower end, and use the displacement of the sample to stick off after a certain period of time, or the time when the sample is completely detached to characterize the adhesive test. The ability to resist pull-off.


Features of Constant temperature tape holding force testing machine

1. After removing 3 to 5 circles of adhesive tape on the outermost layer of the adhesive tape test roll, unwind the test roll at a rate of about 300 mm/min (the isolation layer is also peeled off at the same rate for sheet-like samples). Every 200mm or so, cut a sample with a width of 25mm and a length of about 100mm in the middle of the adhesive tape. Unless otherwise specified, the number of samples in each group shall not be less than three;

2. Scrub the test plate and the loading plate with the cleaning agent, and then dry them carefully with a clean gauze. Repeat the cleaning three times. above, until the working surface of the board is clean by visual inspection. After cleaning, do not touch the working surface of the board with hands or other objects;

3. Under the conditions of temperature of 23℃±2℃ and relative humidity of 65%±5%, according to the specified size, stick the sample parallel to the longitudinal direction of the plate to the middle of the adjacent test plate and the loading plate. Roll on the sample with a pressure roller at a speed of about 300 mm/min. Note that when rolling, only the force generated by the mass of the pressing roller can be applied to the sample. The number of times of rolling can be specified according to the specific product conditions, if there is no specification, the rolling is repeated three times;

4. After the sample is pasted on the board, it should be placed for 20 minutes at a temperature of 23°C±2°C and a relative humidity of 65%±5%. The test plate is then fixed vertically on the test stand of the instrument, and the loading plate and the weight are gently connected with pins.

5. Place the instrument horizontally, turn on the power switch, heating switch, and fan switch in turn, and press the raised part on the timer to reset the time. The instrument automatically starts up automatically according to the preset temperature until the temperature in the test box is constant to the set value;

6. After reaching the specified time, unload the heavy objects. Use a magnifying glass with an index to measure the sliding displacement of the sample, and it is accurate to 0.1mm; or record the time when the sample falls off the test plate. If the time is greater than or equal to 1h, the unit is min, and the unit is s if it is less than 1h.

Parameters of Constant temperature tape holding force testing machine

Number of measurement groups10 groups (independent timing)
Standard Press Roller2000g±50g
Weight1000g±10g (including loading plate weight)
Test board50×50×1.5mm(L*B*D)
Sutomatic timer0~9999 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds can be switched
Temperature controlNormal temperature~200℃, PID control
Temperature display0.1℃
Heating methodhot air circulation
Anquan deviceEquipped with over-temperature and electric overload automatic power-off protection facilities
Machine materialInternal SUS #304 stainless steel plate, external high-grade steel plate baking paint treatment
WeightPaper 105KG
Power supply1∮, AC220V, 15A
The standard configurationHost, test board and loading steel plate, 10 pieces each, 10 weights, instruction manual

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