Normal temperature tape holding force testing machine

Normal temperature tape holding force testing machine

This instrument is used to test the stickiness of adhesive tapes under high temperature conditions. Test the ability of the adhesive tape to resist displacement under the specified gravity along the length direction at the set temperature according to the standard sticking on the test panel. The stickiness of the adhesive tape is expressed by the time for the test piece to move a certain distance (or completely fall off) or the displacement distance (or completely fall off) within a certain period of time.


Features of Normal temperature tape holding force testing machine

1. Microcomputer control, PVC operation panel, humanized design.

2. Test boards and test weights designed in strict accordance with the standard to ensure the accuracy of test data.

3. Simultaneous testing of six stations, economical and practical.

4. Using P.I.D. temperature control, temperature self-correction, the test results are more accurate.

5. Independent EGO over-temperature power-off overload protection, the style is locked when falling.

6. In accordance with the specular stainless steel test plate specified in the Pharmacopoeia.

Parameters of Normal temperature tape holding force testing machine

Temperature control rangeRoom temperature 200℃
Way to controlP.I.D. temperature control, temperature self-tuning self-correction
Temperature analysis0.1℃ unit display
Control precision±0.1℃
Distribution accuracy±1%(1℃) at-room100℃
Weight accessories200g 500g 1000g optional 6 stations
Timer10000h (hour) LCD display 6 groups
Safety protectionIndependent EGO over-temperature power-off overload protection, style lock-down time
Manufacturing materialSpecular stainless steel test panels according to the Pharmacopoeia
ExternalElectrostatic high temperature setting spray
Size and weight780L×420W×550Hmm 40kg
Power supply1, AC 220V, 50Hz 15A
Design standardsGB/T4851 CNS-11887 11888 PSTC-7 Pharmacopoeia

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