Tape peel strength tester

Tape peel strength tester

It is suitable for peeling, shearing, breaking and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesives, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, paper, electronic carrier tapes and other related products. In the glass performance test of the material, the bond strength of the material is reflected.


Features of Tape peel strength tester

1.7-inch LCD screen, stylish man-machine interface, display real-time measurement data, change curve and test results

2. The screw drive system greatly improves the accuracy of the transmission displacement and can realize the stepless speed regulation function

3. Intelligent operation has three test functions of large value, average value and real-time value

4. Enter the test parameters, and the test results can be output by group statistical analysis

5. Measurement and control, the software is equipped with electronic signature function

6. The system has its own overload protection, emergency power-off protection, and zero faults due to human operation.

7. Equipped with a mini silent printer, with a USB interface, connected to a computer, and can print out test data

8. N (Newton), KNm, lbf pound, g (gram force) can be freely selected and switched, and the unit data can be printed automatically after the test

9. In line with international requirements, compatible with ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other relevant international standards

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