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Clamping Tester

Packing Box Carton Clamp Test Machine Mechanical Clamp Tester Simulated Clamp Test Machine (Touch Screen Model)The test machine is used to simulate the impact of the clamping force of the two splints on the package and the goods when the clamping car is loading and unloading the package, and to evaluate the clamping strength of the package. It is suitable for the finished product packaging of kitchenware, furniture, household appliances, toys and so on, especially for the anti-clamping strength test of the package as required by SEARS. It is suitable for testing the deformation of product packaging under horizontal pressure in the process of transportation or storage and the protection ability of packaging to the products in the package, so as to improve the packaging design. According to ASTM D6055, American SEARS, or customized according to customer non-standard requirements.


Features of Clamping Tester

◆The whole machine is controlled by a special clamping system to realize the effective control of the actions of each station;

◆The whole machine is equipped with a control cabinet, which can set the clamping force, clamping speed and lifting stop, and can choose manual or automatic test mode on the panel of the control cabinet. At the same time, realize the coherent operation of each action, ensure safe production, and run according to the rhythm;

◆There is an emergency stop button on the panel of the control cabinet;

Parameters of Clamping Tester

Lifting sample weightWithin 0-600KG (parallelepiped transport package)
Liquid crystal displayThe screen shows the large clamping force value, holding time, displacement, number
Force accuracyNational standard level 1.6
Sensor accuracy1/20000, measuring accuracy 0.5%;
The splint is shifted upward0-1000mm(according to customer requirements) displacement precision to the standard
Splint left and right travel displacement0-1200mm (can be determined according to customer requirements)
Size of clamping plate1220*1220mm(according to customer requirements)
Clamping experimental speedUp and down 600mm/min; About 1-500mm/min(adjustable)
Unit of forceKgf/N/Lbf
Transmission modeservomotor
Protective deviceLeakage protection, travel limit device, overload protection, over voltage protection, power protection, emergency stop device
Splint force sensorFour (More efficient and sensitive induction gripper transmission power)
Platform splintThe thickness of the splint shall not be less than 20mm to ensure that the clamping plate is in the clamping state (< 2000KG) no deformation, between the two splints are parallel, and the bottom plate is vertical, and the use of high quality non-slip rubber pad, to ensure that the packaging sample in the test process is not easy to slip and damage.
Machine size2650*1900*2120mm

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