Trolley oven

Trolley oven

The trolley oven is also called the trolley oven. This equipment is equipped with a platform trolley made of channel steel welding, and the product is directly placed on the plane of the trolley well-shaped frame. There are 2 grooves on the bottom of the box for the trolley to enter. The product is heated by constant temperature hot air circulation in the trolley oven, and the temperature of each point of the product is uniform. Mainly used for transformer iron core, coil drying, painting electric cabinet and parts drying, rare earth drying, foundry sand drying, motor drying and other purposes. The trolley-type feeding and discharging method is adopted, which is suitable for automatic feeding and discharging of large quantities of workpieces.


Features of Trolley oven

1. Intelligent temperature control instrument, PID adjustment, button operation

2. Independent temperature measurement sensor, which is transmitted to the main control table to ensure the safety of equipment and drying materials

3. Using SSR solid state relay/contactor to control the heating of the electric heater

4. Constant temperature timer, which can be directly timed or timed to temperature, automatically cut off the heating and alarm when the time is up

5. Blast heating chain protection system, which can prevent local overheating of the heating element by opening the blast first and then heating

6. The phase sequence protector prevents the reverse connection of the phase sequence or the lack of phase from causing abnormal reverse operation of the fan

7. Circuit breaker protection to prevent accidents caused by overload and short circuit of the heating circuit

8. Circuit breaker protection prevents accidents caused by overload and short circuit of fans and control circuits

9. The temperature recorder records the temperature curve of the working area in real time, which is used to analyze the material baking process (optional)

10. Segmented programming temperature control, used for program temperature control, curve heating - constant temperature

Parameters of trolley oven

modelvoltageheating powerrange of working temperatureTemperature control accuracytemperature uniformityStudio dimensions (height x width x depth)
HJ-1380V8Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%800x800x1000
HJ-2380V12Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%1000x800x1000
HJ-3380V16Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%1200x1000x1200
HJ-4380V20Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%1200x1000x1500
HJ-5380V24Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%1500x1200x1800
HJ-6380V48Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%1800x1500x2000
HJ-7380V60Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%2000x1800x2000
HJ-8380V80Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%2500x2000x2000
HJ-9380V90Room temperature-400°C±3°C±2.5%3500x2500x2000

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