Nitrogen filled oven

Nitrogen filled oven

This equipment is a new type of industrial-grade drying equipment. It uses a long-axis high-temperature-resistant high-power axial flow fan, stainless steel turbine fan blades, combined with a uniquely designed air duct. An intelligent PID thermostat combined with an SSR solid-state relay controls the efficient stainless steel heater for heating. The high-temperature hot air with uniform temperature heats the inside of the box to ensure an ideal temperature environment inside the oven. Products are widely used in preheating, aging, baking, thermal curing, quenching and other processes in many industrial fields such as electronic manufacturing, coating, printing, aerospace and aviation.


Features of Nitrogen filled oven

1. Box structure

1.1. Liner material: It is made of 1.2mm thick high-quality stainless steel argon arc welding, which is anti-pollution and easy to clean.

1.2. Shell material: The exterior is made of 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with anti-rust treatment and then sprayed with plastic, and stainless steel can also be used.

1.3. Thermal insulation material: 100K high-grade thermal insulation cotton is used, six sides of thermal insulation are insulated, the thermal insulation thickness is 80mm-150mm, and the thermal insulation performance is good.1.4 Object carrier rack: The layer spacing can be adjusted according to the size of the object, and the space utilization rate is high.2. Temperature control system: Japan Omron digital intelligent temperature controller, constant temperature control mode, PID automatic calculation, with sensor disconnection alarm function, with over-temperature alarm protection function, to ensure the safe operation of the product.

3. Temperature control method

3.1. Signal source: The imported CA sensor rod is made in Japan ±0.5%.

3.2. Output controlled components: SSR solid-state no-node output ensures accurate heating power.

4. Hot air circulation system in the box

4.1. Air supply method: horizontal air supply or vertical air supply is adopted in the box.

4.2. Air duct structure: high-density punched air panels are used on both sides of the air duct to precisely control the angle of the deflector to ensure the temperature uniformity in the box.

4.3. Air supply device: It adopts high-power three-phase asynchronous high-temperature resistant long-shaft silent motor + large-diameter stainless steel turbine blades, and the turbine is horizontally corrected to ensure smooth air transportation and noise ≤ 65dB.

4.4. Air supply device safety protection system: with over-temperature overload and over-current protection function to ensure the service life and safety performance of the motor and fan.

5. Electric heating system: stainless steel dust-free heating tube, using high-quality nickel-chromium heating wire, high-insulation thermal conductivity modified magnesium oxide filling, stainless steel seamless steel tube covering, no name fire, no leakage, safety and no dust.

6. Whole machine safety protection system

6.1. The triple over-temperature protection system is adopted to ensure the overall safety performance of the box during operation (see technical parameters for details).

6.2. Electrical protection system inside the box (to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation of electrical appliances inside the box):

6.2.1. Over-temperature preventer (independent temperature limit, over-temperature power off);

6.2.2. Phase sequence protection (undervoltage and underphase protection);

6.2.3. Motor overcurrent protection;

6.2.4. Control line fuse;

6.2.5. Electrothermal overcurrent protection;

6.2.6. Fuseless switch.

7. Nitrogen filling device: equipped with 1 10-100L nitrogen flow meter, 1 set of inlet pressure regulating valve filter, 8mm fast inlet port and matching stainless steel seamless welded pipeline.

Parameters of Nitrogen filled oven

temperature rangeRT (normal temperature) +10~200°C/250°C/300°C (maximum temperature 600°C can be customized)
Temperature resolution0.1°C
temperature fluctuation±1.0°C
temperature uniformity≤±1.5%
Inner tank size (width W*depth D*height H) mm600x500x600600x600x1000800x600x10001000x800x10001000x800x1200
External dimensions (width W*depth D*height H) mm960x690x1460960x790x17801160x790x17801320x1050x17801320x1050x1980
Number of layers2 pieces2 pieces3 pieces3 pieces4 pieces
voltageAC 380V 50HZ (three-phase five-wire system)


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