Precision oven

Precision oven

Using touch control system, data recording function, the shell is sprayed with plastic or stainless steel, and the stainless steel liner.


Features of Precision oven

1. The temperature control instrument is a PID digital display instrument (Taiwan Taisong Instrument EM705), single-point temperature control, automatic calculation, PV/SV display at the same time, button setting;

2. Timer setting: 1 second to 9999 hours (you can choose to set hours, minutes, seconds) to time the temperature and cut off the heating current when the time is up (alarm device)

3. Temperature sensing line (K) type;

4. The signal output is 3-32V;

5. The heating control is: solid state relay SSR has no contact;

6. The heating element is: high temperature resistant heating tube;

7. Temperature range: RT+20~200℃;

8. Heating rate: 100℃ for about 15 minutes

9. Control accuracy: ±1.0℃;

10. Display accuracy: 0.1℃;

11. Uniformity of temperature deviation distribution: ±2.5℃. (No-load test)

Parameters of Precision oven

ControllerLocated below the machine, single door opens from right to left, the door has no observation window
Inner material304# stainless steel plate, thickness 1.5mm
Outer materialSECC steel plate, thickness ≥1.2mm. Powder paint treatment
Inner boxIt is divided into two layers, with two stencils
Insulation materialGlass fiber wool, good thermal insulation effect
Sealing materialHigh temperature resistant asbestos rope
CastersThe machine is installed with movable casters with brakes, which can be pushed arbitrarily and fixed in position
Control precision±1℃
Display accuracy1℃
Temperature distribution deviation uniformity in the box±2℃%

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