Torsional fatigue testing machine

Torsional fatigue testing machine

Torsional fatigue testing machine is widely used in torsional mechanical fatigue life performance test of metal, non-metallic materials, auto parts and so on. The high temperature torsional fatigue testing machine is suitable for testing fields such as quality supervision, measurement quality inspection and commodity inspection industry, metallurgy, aerospace, nuclear weapons, automobiles, construction materials and other fields.


Features of Torsional fatigue testing machine

The tested sample is installed between the clamps with adjustable space, which can adapt to the test of different torsional mechanical fatigue life performance of the tested sample. The torsional fatigue testing machine adopts computer control operation, which can collect data such as torque, peak value, angle, curve, etc.; the display shows the torque-time, torsion angle-time, torque amplitude-time, deformation amplitude-time test of the tested part curve; can realize test data storage, examination, print test report and so on.

Parameters of Torsional fatigue testing machine

Maximum torque

10Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 5000Nm, 10000Nm, 20000Nm

Testing machine levelLevel 0.5/Level 1
Torque Resolution0.001~0.01 N m
Torsion speed control range0.1°-720°/min can be customized
Corner measurement range0°-±99999°
Indication repeatability relative error<0.5%
Test frequency0-5Hz~60Hz
Loading methodFully automatic
equipment weightAbout 600KG
Completenessmeet the standards
Power supply220V/380V, 50Hz
Torque measurement range1%FS-100%FS
Test plus torque directionBoth directions
Torque Resolution1/±300000
Test stroke500-1200mm (can be customized)
Relative error of torque indication<±0.5%/<±1%
Relative error of torsion angle indication<±0.5%
torsion attachmentUniversal Flange
ExteriorShould meet the requirements of GB/T2611
Protective functionThe testing machine has overload protection function
Way of workingElectro-hydraulic servo/mechanical/motor

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