Fully automatic torque testing machine (touch type)

Fully automatic torque testing machine (touch type)

The touch automatic torque testing machine is suitable for related torque testing of various products. Torque test and torque life test of NB shaft, mobile phone (single shaft torque, finished product torsion life test), LCD Monitor foot, rotary switch. It is easy to operate with Windows Chinese window screen settings.


Features of Steam aging test chamber

The machine is driven by a servo motor to provide high-precision torque testing. The test conditions are all set by the computer screen and can be stored. It can directly test the change of torque value at each angle (torque-angle curve change graph), and display the torque-angle graph and the torque decay life curve at the same time. Graphics (torque-angle curve, torque decay life curve, inspection report) can be stored and printed, and the inspection report can be automatically printed, and can be converted to output or output directly through the network. Enter the upper and lower limit values of the test, and the machine will automatically stop if it exceeds the specification. Torque value can be set: positive torque, reverse torque, positive torque + reverse torque. Test the running direction: forward travel, forward travel + return. Reverse forward, reverse forward + return, forward forward + reverse + forward return.

Parameters of Steam aging test chamber

Control modeTouch screen
Test Angle0-360°(configurable)
Torsional velocity1 to 360°/s (optional)
engineStepper motor
Residence time1~999sec (configurable)
Product size can be tested200*80*80mm
frequency1-99999999 times (configurable)
Machine sizeAbout 400*380*620mm

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