Parts torsion testing machine

Parts torsion testing machine

Display the torque T, torsion angle θ, and test speed V of the sample. You can set the torsion angle of the sample for multi-point detection of the torque force of the sample and its corresponding angle, and it can also be twisted to break to measure an item of the sample. Or several torsional mechanical properties, can print detailed test data reports, etc.


Features of Parts torsion testing machine

It is mainly used for static torsional mechanical properties testing of semi-finished parts and finished parts. The tested sample is installed between the clamps with adjustable space, which can test the corresponding torsion angle under a certain torque and the corresponding torque under a certain torsion angle, and can automatically generate test curves and test reports, which can be stored and printed. It adopts AC servo motor and precision reducer for transmission, which has the characteristics of uniform loading, stable, no impact phenomenon, and accurate data acquisition and control.

Parameters of Parts torsion testing machine

Maximum torque20Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 300Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm, 5000Nm, 10000Nm 
Testing machine levelLevel 0.5/Level 1
Angular resolution0.01°
Torsion speed control range0.1°-720°/min can be customized
Corner measurement range0°-±99999°
Indication repeatability relative error<0.5%
Loading methodFully automatic
Equipment weightAbout 300KG
CompletenessMeet the standards
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Torque measurement range1%-100% of full scale
Test plus torque directiontwo-way loading
Torque Resolution1/±300000
Test stroke300-1000mm can be customized
Relative error of torque indication<±0.5%/<±1%
Relative error of torsion angle indication<±0.5%
Torsion attachmentBoth sides discuss
ExteriorShould meet the requirements of GB/T2611
Protective functionThe testing machine has overload protection function

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