Thermogravimeter TGA Differential Thermal DTA

Thermogravimeter TGA Differential Thermal DTA Synchronous Comprehensive Thermal Detector

Synchronous thermal analysis (TG and DSC) is to observe the change of the mass of the sample with temperature or time in the process of temperature rise, with the purpose of studying the thermal stability and composition of the material. Widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, drugs, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials and other fields of research and development, process optimization and quality control.


Features of Thermogravimeter TGA Differential Thermal DTA 

1. The furnace body heating adopts the noble metal nickel-cadmium alloy wire double row winding system, reduce interference, more high temperature resistant.

2. Tray sensor, made of precious metal alloy seiko, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

3. Power supply, the circulating heat dissipation part is separated from the main engine to reduce the influence of heat and vibration on the micro thermal balance.

4. Adopt upper open cover structure, easy to operate. It is difficult to move up the furnace body to put samples, which can easily cause damage to the sample rod.

5. The weighing system is sealed with constant temperature to reduce the influence of temperature difference on the weighing system.

6. The furnace body can be replaced according to customer requirements

Parameters of  Thermogravimeter TGA Differential Thermal DTA 

Temperature rangeThe room temperature ranges from 1150℃ to -1450℃Temperature resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature fluctuationPlus or minus 0.1 ℃Heating rateHeating rate
Temperature control modePID algorithm control, temperature, constant temperature, coolingConstant temperature timeThe value ranges from 0 to 300 minutes
Program controlMulti-segment program controlBalance measuring range1mg~3g can be expanded to 10g
DSC range0-+500mWDSC resolution0.01 uW
Weighing system accuracy0.01 mgConstant temperature timeThe value ranges from 0 to 300 minutes
Display mode24bit color, 7 "LCD touch screen display
Atmosphere installationBuilt-in gas flowmeter, including two way gas switching and flow size control
atmosphereInert, oxidizing, reducing static dynamic
softwareThe intelligent software can automatically record TG curves for data processing and print experimental reports
Data interfaceStandard USB interface
Power supplyIndependent power supply housing design, avoid AC interference, AC220V50HZ
Operating softwareFour - in - one operating software that can be switched to meet the application switching test of differential, differential heat, thermogravimetric, and synchronous heat

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