Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

Rotorless vulcanization testing machine


Features of Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

a. High temperature control accuracy and wide range. (±0.1℃)

b. Clock programming function. (setting, modification time)

c. Advanced switching power supply with wide voltage regulation range.

d. Imported integrated circuits and control components.

e. All in Chinese and Chinese.

f. Meet the requirements of GB/T16584 (testing rubber vulcanization characteristics with a rotorless vulcanizer) and ISO6502.

Parameters of  Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

The implementation standard of the vulcanizator isASTMD5289-95 ISO6502-1999 (E) GB/T16584-1996
Temperature measurement rangeRoom temperature--200℃
Temperature measurement accuracy100--200℃,≤±0.1℃
Temperature control stability100--200℃,≤±0.1℃
Predetermined area0--200℃; set minimum unit: 0.1℃
Temperature display range0--200℃; Display resolution: 0.1℃
Set the time range;0--200 minutes
Set the minimum unit1 minute
Automatic range switchingAutomatically increase according to the actual torque
Power supply50HZ, ~220V±10%, 50±1Hz, must be well grounded
Compressed air0.32Mpa controlled by pneumatic regulating valve
Swing frequency100 times/min (about 1.7HZ)
Ambient temperatureNormal temperature--40℃, relative humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas in the air

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