Akron attrition machine

Akron attrition machine

Akron Abrasion Machine for Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Vulcanized Rubber


The Akron abrasion machine is used to measure the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber. The friction between the sample and the grinding wheel under a certain inclination angle and a certain load is used to determine the wear volume of the sample within a certain mileage. Digital setting, display of wear times, automatic shutdown, the main engine and electrical control design are integrated, the use of fixed grinding wheel, beautiful appearance and easy operation, it is a new and improved testing machine in China.

Features of Akron attrition machine

1. It is widely used in the physical property test of the wear resistance of rubber products with wear resistance as the main performance, such as rubber tires, chariot tracks, shoe soles, etc.;

2. It is a powerful tool to assist the industry to control the product quality status;

Parameters of  Akron attrition machine

The force on the rubber wheel is26.7N
The rotation speed of the rubber wheel shaft is76±2r/min
The rotation speed of the grinding wheel shaft is33--35r/min
The angle range between the rubber wheel shaft and the grinding wheel shaft is0°~45°
Dimensions600 mm×480 mm×400 mm

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