Temperature Controlled Pulling Dip Coating Machine

Temperature Controlled Pulling Dip Coating Machine

This product is mainly used for the preparation of thin film materials by liquid phase methods such as sol-gel method. The clean and dry substrate is immersed in the solution (sol), and the immersed substrate is vertically pulled up at a certain speed according to to the preset parameters. A layer of film is attached on the substrate, called "wet gel film". With the evaporation of the solvent in the "wet gel film" film layer, the film layer is cured on the substrate to become a " xerogel film". The "xerogel film" can obtain the desired nano-thin film material after further drying and high temperature heat treatment.


Features of Temperature Controlled Pulling Dip Coating Machine

1. Precise vertical lifting device. The latest upgrade is the vertical lifting device components imported from Switzerland. It is made of special functional materials and has the characteristics of high precision, no gap in transmission, smooth operation, corrosion resistance, lifetime maintenance-free, and long service life.

2. Driven by servo motor. With the vertical lifting device and program control system imported from Switzerland, it ensures the accuracy and stability of operation, and has achieved the effect of completely eliminating the lifting vibration and ensuring the uniformity of the coating film.

3. Multi-parameter automatic program control. There are six parameter settings: descending speed, dipping time, pulling speed, coating size, coating times, coating interval time, all parameters are continuously adjustable and precisely controlled. After the coating program is set, the entire coating process from descending to dipping to pull-up coating runs fully automatically.

4. The coating system adopts a 7-inch LCD touch screen to make the control more convenient; when running, various parameters are displayed in real time, and the coating process can be understood more intuitively;

5. The entire coating process is carried out in a constant temperature temperature field. The constant temperature field temperature control system adopts LCD liquid crystal display, which can precisely control the temperature and has good temperature uniformity. Multi-stage program temperature control can be set.

6. The upper and lower ends are equipped with limit sensors. When lifting or lowering, it will automatically stop at the limit to avoid overrunning of lifting or lowering.

7. Both high and low speeds run smoothly, and the operation is continuous and smooth. There is no vibration of the liquid surface during coating, which makes the film more uniform;

8. The specially designed flat-mouth fixture can hold the sample evenly on both sides, so that the sample will not be damaged;

Parameters of Temperature Controlled Pulling Dip Coating Machine

Pulling speed range1~6000 μm/s, minimum resolution 1 μm/s
Applicable substrate sizeMIN 5×5 mm, MAX 100×100 mm, thickness MAX 10mm
Immersion time1~3600 s, minimum resolution 1s
Cycle coating times1 to 1000 times, at least 1 time
Time between each coating1~3600 s, minimum resolution 1s
Constant temperatureRT+10~200℃, temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation≤±1℃
Dimensions in constant temperature field340×320×320 mm (W×D×H)
Power supply220V/50Hz

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