Multi-station Pulling Dip Coating Machine

Multi-station Pulling Dip Coating Machine

It is a high-precision instrument suitable for the preparation of thin films by dipping and pulling method. The dipping and pulling method is one of the common methods for preparing thin films by the sol-gel method (Sol-Gel method, SG method for short). Using high-quality accessories, precise control of the pulling speed, repeated coating without position deviation. The pulling speed, pulling height, cycle coating times, dipping time, descending speed and dwell time can all be precisely controlled by the program. Suitable for common substrates such as glass, Si (100), Si (111), sapphire (Al2O3), ceramic and resin substrates.


Features of Multi-station Pulling Dip Coating Machine

1. Use ball screw and servo motor to accurately control the uniform pulling speed.

2. Smooth operation without jitter and no vibration on the liquid surface. Ensure the stability of the equipment and the uniformity of film formation.

3. Using the pulling machine control system independently developed by Hongjin Instruments, the pulling speed, lifting height, number of coating cycles, dipping time, descent speed, and residence time can all be adjusted through program control.

4. 4.3-inch high-end brand touch screen with clear interface and easy operation.

5. The clamp is specially designed for safer and firmer clamping.

6. The whole machine is spray-painted and has a beautiful and elegant appearance.

Parameters of Multi-station Pulling Dip Coating Machine

Way to controlFull touch
TransmissionServo motor + ball screw
Lifting itinerary0~300mm
Pulling speed range1~9999μm/s
Position accuracy<0.1mm
Speed accuracy±0.01%
Immersion time1~3200s
Coating times1 to 1000 times
Coating interval time1~3200s
Number of stations6 stations
Power supplyAC 220V 50Hz

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