Temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive testing machine

Temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive testing machine

The temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive testing machine is widely used in national defense, aviation, aerospace, communication, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, original equipment and other industries. Vibration is for storage, transportation, actual situation assessment and structural strength test in the environment. The equipment has a wide range of applications, and the test effect is remarkable and reliable. Sine wave, sine, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control, full-function computer control, simple constant acceleration/constant amplitude. The equipment has passed the 3-month test of Lianjing trouble-free operation, with stable performance and reliable quality.



1. To ensure strength, the test chamber is welded with an overall frame to ensure that the box does not deform.

2. Vibrating tables of different specifications and models are optional, and different seals are equipped according to the connecting joints and linking methods of the vibrating table.

3. Ensure that the test chamber and the vibration table are completely sealed during the three-integrated operation, and the vibration table has good mechanical transmission characteristics;

4. The bottom of the test chamber is equipped with a slide rail that can be separated from the vibration table. When testing is required, the vibration table and test chamber can be tested separately.

5. Has a wide temperature and humidity control range

6. The balanced temperature and humidity adjustment method is adopted to achieve a high-precision and stable temperature and humidity controller.

7. It adopts imported original high-precision programmable temperature and humidity controller, 7-inch true color touch screen operation, equipped with Ethernet interface of more than 10m/100m, and comes with free operating software.

8. Imported refrigeration compressors are used, and the refrigeration adopts a new cold-end output control. Compared with the traditional hot and cold balance, it greatly saves energy consumption and reduces customer usage costs;

Parameters of Temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive testing machine

Model numberHJ-408HJ-700HJ-1000HJ-2145HJ-2252
Studio volume (L/m2)480L700L1000L2145L2252L
propertyTemperature rangeR: -20~+150°℃ (+180℃)
L:-40~+150℃ (+180℃)
S: -70~+150℃ (+180℃)
Temperature homogenization≤2.0℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature deviation<±2.0℃
Humidity range15%~98%R.H
Humidity uniformity±3.0%RH (no load)
Humidity fluctuation±2.0%RH
Moderate deviation±3.0%RH (>75%RH) ±5.0%RH (<75%RH)
Rising and cooling rate (average throughout)About 3℃/min~15℃/min (no load)
Inner box size (mm)W600870100015001500
Outer box size (mm)W7008009009001200
Shaking table deviceL40050060010001100
Diameter φ40050060012001200
Frequency range3-3000Hz
Maximum displacement5.1cm
Maximum speed2.2m/s
Maximum acceleration1200m/s2
Maximum displacement100mmp-p
Cooling methodAir-cooled or water-cooled
Box materialOuter boxHigh quality cold rolled steel plate, surface electrostatic powder baking paint
Inner boxSUS304 stainless steel plate, the inner liner whole full full welding
Insulating layerRigid polyurethane foam insulation layer, thickness =100mm, flame retardant grade B2
Observation windowMultilayer vacuum glass Windows with electronic defogging film for heat and sweat protection and frost protection
refrigerantEnvironmentally friendly refrigeration R404A/R23
Temperature control modeBalanced Temperature Control system (BTHC)+PID
Control system7 inch color touch screen intelligent fuzzy controller
Control panelTemperature (humidity) control touch screen, start switch, buzzer
Standard configuration1. Lead hole (silicone plug), 2 sample holder, 3. Window light, 4. Moving caster (matching cup)
Network connectionCan be connected to the Ethernet through professional software, through the network can do remote control and remote assistance, can also collect test data through the network, can control multiple machines at the same time
Use environment1. Ambient temperature 5℃-35℃, 2. Atmospheric pressure 80kPa-106kPa,3. Flat ground without vibration,4. Choose good ventilation, no direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources
Power source380V AC(±10%)50Hz±0.5, three-phase four-wire
Protective devicea heater air burn prevention switch b heater overcurrent circuit breaker c. Circulating fan overcurrent overload protection d. Compressor high voltage protection switch e. Compressor overheat protection switch f. Compressor overcurrent protection switch g. Over voltage under reverse phase protection switch h. line breaker i. Leakage switch j. Zero crossing thyristor power controller k. Water shortage protection

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