High frequency vibration testing machine

High frequency vibration testing machine

The high-frequency vibration test bench is mainly used for product vibration environment and impact environment test, environmental stress screening test and reliability test. It can be used for testing and testing of products in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapons, communications, electronics, electrical engineering, transportation, and home appliances.


Features of  High frequency vibration testing machine

1. The well-designed moving coil frame has a high first-order axial resonance frequency.

2. Double magnetic circuit, low magnetic flux leakage, compact and reasonable structure, composite guiding mechanism of rocker arm roller and imported linear bearing, high guiding rigidity and strong eccentric load capacity.

3. The vibration isolation of the trunnion does not require a special foundation, and it is easy to install and move.

4. The advanced moving coil winding process ensures the high reliability of the moving coil.

5. The new air duct design enhances the cooling effect.

6. Large static stiffness, small dynamic stiffness load-bearing airbag, improve the bearing capacity of the vibration table and improve the low-frequency performance.

Test standards for  High frequency vibration testing machine

The high-frequency vibration table is used to simulate the various vibration environmental effects encountered by the product in the transportation, installation and use environment, and to determine whether the product can withstand various environmental vibrations. Reference test standards: ASTM, ISTA, MIL, EN, IEC, ETSI, JIS, SAE, JASO, IEC, ISO, AEC, etc.

Parameters of High frequency vibration testing machine


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