Simulated transport vibration test bench

Simulated transport vibration test bench

The Simulated transport vibration test bench is used to simulate various vibration environments encountered by new products in the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and use of the execution segment, to sign the product's ability to withstand environmental vibration.


Features of  Simulated transport vibration test bench

1. Low price: the price is only 10% of similar products in the United States

2. Vibration frequency adopts full liquid crystal display vibration frequency, high precision

3. Synchronous silent belt drive, low noise

4. The sample fixture adopts the guide rail type, which is easy to operate and safe

5. The machine base is made of heavy-duty channel steel base with vibration damping rubber, which is easy to install.

Smooth operation, no need to install anchor screws.

6. DC motor speed regulation, stable operation and strong load capacity.

7. Restructured according to similar equipment in Europe and America, rotary vibration, in line with European and American transportation standards.

Test standards for  Simulated transport vibration test bench

Compliant with US and European shipping 3 standards. Applicable standards: EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA international transportation standards.

Parameters of Simulated transport vibration test bench


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