Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

Non-rotor vulcanizing instrument is widely used in rubber processing industry to control rubber quality, rapid test and basic research of rubber. It provides accurate data for rubber optimization formula combination, and can accurately measure the coke time, positive vulcanizing instrument time, vulcanizing index and maximum, minimum torque and other parameters.


Features of Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

A. High precision and wide range of temperature control. (plus or minus 0.1 ℃)

B. Clock programming function. (Set and modify time)

c. Advanced switching power supply, wide range of voltage regulation.

D. Imported integrated circuits and control components.

E. All Chinese characters are displayed.

F. Meet the requirements of GB/T16584 (vulcanization characteristics of rubber tested by non-rotor vulcanizer) and IS06502. The powerful microprocessor uses high-quality imported chips. On the one hand, computers and microprocessors can take signals from torque sensors and record them onto a graph. At the same time, the co

mputer and the measurement and control module interface to exchange data, and control the temperature of the cavity. The rotorless vulcanizer is designed with a series of interlocking features, including closing plastic glass doors. If the door is not closed, the mold will not close. The mold can be closed only if the door is securely closed. Before you can do your work. In a word, this type of vulcanization instrument compared with other models, the performance is more stable, more accurate, inexpensive, full of functions. It is the best instrument for testing rubber properties.

Parameters of  Rotorless vulcanization testing machine

Temperature measurement range:Room temperature -200℃Temperature measurement accuracy:100-200℃, ≤ Plus or minus 0.1 ℃
Temperature control stability:100-200℃, ≤Plus or minus 0.1 ℃
Set range:0-200℃; Set the maximum unit: 0.1℃
Temperature display range:0-200℃; Display resolution: 0.1℃
Set the time range:0-200 minutes; Set minimum unit: 1 minute
Automatic range switching:Increase automatically according to the actual torque
Power supply:50HZ, ~220V±10%, 50±1HZ, must be well grounded
Compressed air:0.32MPA is controlled by pneumatic regulating valve
Oscillating frequency:100 times/min (about 1.7HZ)
Ambient temperature:Room temperature -40℃, relative humidity is less than 80%, the air does not contain corrosive gases
Weight:≈250KGWork rate:2KW
Appearance size:680×630×1100 (MM)

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