Ring stiffness testing machine

Ring stiffness testing machine

Microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine is a new generation of automatic control testing machine. The machine adopts computer automatic control, real-time display experimental data and test curve, and the external printer prints the test report. The design of main engine and auxiliary tools, beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and reliable performance. System through the star controller, the speed control system control servo motor rotation, after the deceleration system deceleration through the imported precision ball screw pair to drive the beam up and down, complete the specimen tensile, compression mechanical properties test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, with a wide range of speed regulation. Fully in line with GBT9647-2003 "thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness determination" requirements. This machine is widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries of material inspection and analysis, is scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection arbitration and other departments of the ideal test equipment.


Parameters of  Ring stiffness testing machine

Maximum test force50kHForce measurement range2%-100% of the maximum test force
Accuracy of testing machineWorry about 0.5% of the soil of ±1% of the indicated valueAccuracy of deformation measurement1%
Beam displacement measurement (mm)Resolution 0.001Test force value accuracyBetter than ±1% of the indicated value
Deformation measuring range2-100%Force control speed adjustment range0.001 to 10%
Force control speed control precision±1%
Displacement rate adjustment range0.01 mm/min "500 mm/min. Arbitrary setting
Displacement rate spatial accuracyPlus or minus 1%Stretch stroke2000mm
Compression stroke2000mmTest width1000mm
Complete machine formFloor type

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