Plastic Notch Prototyping Machine

Plastic Notch Prototyping Machine

Notched prototype is the standard notched spline used for impact test of simply supported beam and cantilever beam of plastic, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials prepared by machining method. The equipment can be used in the laboratory of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, non-metallic material manufacturers and other units to make notched samples.    


Parameters of  Plastic Notch Prototyping Machine

Table stroke>90MMFeed speed0-30MM/MIN
Sampling efficiencyMore than 100 PCS /10MINfeedThe value ranges from 0 to 2.5MM
Notch typeType A, Type B (optional), Type C (optional)Feed stroke10MM
Overall dimensionLength 450MM* Width 390MM* height 360MM
Debuggable sample typeType 1, type 2, type 3
Type A tool45±1 degree R=0.25 soil 0.025
Type B tool45±1R= 1.0oz 0.025
C1 cutter45± 1 R=0.1±0.02
C2 toolThickness 1=2± 0.1R< = 0.1
C3 cutterThickness 2=0.8± 0.1R =0.2 sh 0.05

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