Open mill

Open mill

Open refining machine is short for open plastic refining machine, in plastic products factory, people are used to call it two series machine. The open mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which is used earlier in the plastic production factory. On the calendering machine production line, the mixing machine in the calendering machine before, after the mixing machine, the role is to mix evenly mixed raw materials for mixing, plasticizing, for calendering molding plastic products to provide more uniform mixing plastic melting material. In the production of cable material, the smelting machine will directly combine the powder material mixed according to the formula into molten material, and then press plastic into sheet belt, so that the granulator cut into granular. In the floor leather production line, it can directly provide the mixed plasticized base coating for fabric leather. Can also be recycled waste plastic film (sheet) in the open refining machine again plastic back system.


Parameters of  Large Drop Tester

Barrel diameter160mm/6in (Metric/Imperial)Aspect width320mm
Mixing capacity0.5 ~ 3.5 kgReceiving deviceSUS304 stainless steel hopper
Barrel temperatureThe water temperature is -250℃Temperature uniformity2 ℃
Temperature controllerPLC touch screenBarrel speed ratio1-1. 22/1:1. 35
Cartridge hardness50 ~60HRCBarrel processingMirror polished chrome plating
Barrel spacingAdjustable from 0.1 to 6mmSpacing display modeDigital display
Safety deviceCollision type emergency stopperNumber of safety devices8 pieces
Special functionEmergency stop reversalMixing control systemCREE5.2 upgrade
Motor power3.7 KW * 2Supply voltage3f, AC380v
Machine size1750 [L] ×950 [W] ×1.5 [H]Machine weight650kg

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