Microcomputer control bending and compression all-in-one machine

Microcomputer control bending and compression all-in-one machine

The machine is controlled by microcomputer and loaded at a constant speed to automatically complete the test process, and it can be used smoothly and horizontally. Mainly used for compressive strength test of rock, concrete, cement products, hollow bricks, fly ash bricks, refractory materials, engineering materials, stone materials, rubber bearings and other building materials. It is the equipment for industrial laboratories such as highways, railways, bridges, construction, building materials, colleges and universities.    


Features Of Microcomputer controlled constant stress pressure testing machine

1. The machine is controlled by sensors and computer, which can automatically control, analyze, store, view and print test reports.

2. The machine adopts rotating screw to adjust the compression space, which greatly speeds up the test progress.

3. The machine can design reports by itself according to the requirements of the unit.

4. Complete constant stress control, speed display, data processing, and test curve recording during the test.

Test standards for Microcomputer controlled constant stress pressure testing machine

Microcomputer-controlled constant stress cement pressure testing machine, YAW-300C microcomputer-controlled constant stress cement pressure testing machine automatically completes a batch of six tests according to GB177-85 and GB17671-1999 "Test method for compressive strength of cement mortar" Constant stress loading automatically Calculate the average.

Parameters of Microcomputer controlled constant stress pressure testing machine

Test force up to (KN)30010002000300050001000020000
Force measurement range2% ~100%FS (full scale)
Force indication accuracy±1%
force resolution±500000 yards, the whole process is not divided into files, the resolution is unchanged
Displacement indication is accurate±1%
Compression distance up to (mm)3203303301000~3000 (made according to user requirements)
Effective distance between columns (mm)
Piston stroke (mm)50


Moving beam adjustment methodElectric adjustable
total power380v,1.2Kw3.5KV6KV15KV20KV
Host (L*W*H)(mm)950*650*1405800*580*1650800*580*1650800*580*18001150*900*30001950*1400*30002500*2500*5000
Machine weight (kg)30010001000120085001500030000

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