Mechanical parts torsion testing machine

Mechanical parts torsion testing machine

The torsion testing machine for metal mechanical parts is mainly used to test the torsional mechanical properties of various metal test pieces, hardware test pieces, mechanical test pieces, etc. The tested connector is installed between the clamps with adjustable space, which can adapt to the test of the torsional mechanical properties of different metal specimens. The metal mechanical parts torsion testing machine adopts computer control operation, which can collect data such as torque, peak value, angle, curve, etc.; the display shows the torque-time, torsion angle-time, torque-torsion angle test curve of the tested metal test piece; It realizes the functions of test data storage, examination and acquisition, and printing test reports. It is the first choice for customers.


Features of Mechanical parts torsion testing machine

The loading of the testing machine is controlled by the computer and the AC servo motor control system. The active chuck is driven to rotate and load by the AC servo motor and the cycloidal pinwheel reducer. The torque and torsion angle are detected by high-precision torque sensors and photoelectric encoders. The computer dynamically displays The relationship curve between the test angle and torque, the acceleration rate, the test peak value, etc. This testing machine is mainly used for torsion testing of metal and non-metallic materials, automobile-related parts, etc. It is a necessary device for measuring torsional performance in aerospace, transportation, building materials industry, scientific research departments, various engineering colleges and universities, and mechanics laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises.

Parameters of Mechanical parts torsion testing machine

Maximum torque20Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 300Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm, 5000Nm, 10000Nm
Testing machine levelLevel 0.5/Level 1
Angular resolution0.01°
Torsion speed control range0.1°-720°/min can be customized
Corner measurement range0°-±99999°
Indication repeatability relative error<0.5%
Loading methodFully automatic
Equipment weightAbout 300KG
CompletenessMeet the standards
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Applicable ProductsMetal test pieces, mechanical test pieces, hardware test pieces, etc.
Torque measurement range1%-100% of full scale
Test plus torque directionTwo-way loading
Torque Resolution1/±300000
Test stroke300-1000mm can be customized
Relative error of torque indication<±0.5%/<±1%
Relative error of torsion angle indication<±0.5%
Torsion attachmentBoth sides discuss
ExteriorShould meet the requirements of GB/T2611
Protective functionThe testing machine has overload protection function

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