Lock drop tester

Lock drop tester

Lock Drop Testing Machine, This Machine Adopts Electric Lifting And Pneumatic Drop Structure, The Lifting Positioning Is Accurate And Fast, And The Drop Is Real And Effective; It Is Equipped With A Special Pneumatic Clamp (Adjustable Stroke), And The Front End Of The Clamp Is Equipped With Silicone Rubber (To Avoid Pinching The Product Or Operator), Can Perform A Drop Test; The Drop Height Is Adjusted Up And Down By Motor Drive And Precision Screw Transmission. It Runs Smoothly And Has Low Noise. It Does Not Require Manual Moving Up And Down. It Is Also Equipped With A Scale Ruler To Accurately Know The Drop Height Of The Part. The Product Can Be Obtained From Fall At Different Angles.


Parameters of Lock drop tester 


The maximum allowable weight of the specimen5kg
Height of fall40-150cm
The diameter range of the product is10mm-120mm
The product height range is5mm-25mm
Drop height scaleSteel, minimum scale 1mm
Use air source≥0.5 MPa
Machine power supply220V 50Hz


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