Fastener Torsion Testing Machine

Fastener Torsion Testing Machine

This machine is mainly used for testing the torsional mechanical properties of materials and finished products at room temperature, and can also be used for performance tests such as torsional failure of materials and finished products. The tested sample is installed between the clamps with adjustable space, which can adapt to the test of different torsional mechanical properties of the tested sample. The testing machine is operated under computer control, and the software synchronously displays the curves of torque-time, torsion angle-time, torque-torsion angle, torque-rotation angle, etc. of the tested specimen; real-time display of parameters such as angle, torque, torque peak value, etc.; test results can be stored , printing, etc.


Features of Fastener Torsion Testing Machine

Fastener torque and torsion testing machine is composed of loading system, transmission system, digital data acquisition and processing system, computer measurement control display system and fixture, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of fasteners, bolts, studs, screws, nuts, welding The performance test of static torsional mechanics such as nails can measure technical indicators such as torque, torque, torsional strength, torsion angle, and the relationship between torque-torsion angle, and there are torque-torsion angle, torque-time, torsion angle-time and other curves . Precision heavy-duty guides are used on the moving end of the collet, allowing it to move freely, minimizing the axial pull of the specimen. The testing machine can realize two functions of continuous loading and holding load under any load. There is no shock and vibration during the test, and it has good reading stability. Any number of test curves can be superimposed and compared, output and printed.

Parameters of Fastener Torsion Testing Machine

Maximum torque10Nm, 20Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm, 5000Nm (can be customized)
Testing machine levelLevel 0.5/Level 1
Torque Resolution0.001~0.01 N m
Torsion speed control range0.1°-720°/min can be customized
Corner measurement range0°±99999.99°
Indication repeatability relative error<0.5%
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Loading methodFully automatic
Equipment weightAbout 200KG
Torque measurement range1%FS-100%FS
Test plus torque directionBoth directions
Torque Resolution1/±300000
Test stroke300mm-500mm (can be customized)
Relative error of torque indication<±0.5%/<±1%
Relative error of torsion angle indication<±0.5%
Torsion attachmentThree-jaw chuck can be customized
ExteriorShould meet the requirements of GB/T2611

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