Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

The Electronic/Fingerprint Smart Lock Life Durability Test System Fully Meets Ga 374-2019 Electronic Anti-Theft Locks, Ga701-2007 General Technical Conditions For Fingerprint Anti-Theft Locks, Gb 21556-2008 General Technical Conditions For Lock Safety, Jg/T 394-2012, Iec 62692 Digital Door Lock System Standard, Ul294 Access Control System, Ul1037, Bhma A156.25, Bhma A156.13, Bhmaa156.36 And Other Relevant Standard Test Requirements. An Integrated Life Test System Specially Developed And Designed For Password Electronic Door Locks, Fingerprint Electronic Door Locks, And Card Smart Door Locks. App Temporary Key To Open The Door, Fingerprint To Open The Door, Key To Open The Door, Bluetooth To Open The Door, Password To Open The Door, Magnetic Card To Open The Door, No Matter Which Method Of Opening The Lock You Test, We Can Accurately Test It For You.


Parameters of  Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Durability Testing Machine

Test station:One or more electronic locks can be tested according to customer requirements.
Test system driver:The working mode is operated by a six-axis robot, which is flexible and easy to reach. It can cooperate with sensors and deep learning to detect the three-dimensional motion of electronic lock.
Maximum load of six-axis robot: 6Kg; Maximum working radius (arm length) : 700 mm;
Repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mms; Beat period: 25/305/25,
Installation mode: formal installation, wall installation, inverted installation;
Motion range: J1"J6: ±170°, ±110°, ±136°, ±185°, ±120°, ±360°s;
Maximum speed of each axis J1"J6: ±384°, ±240°, ±336°, ±441°, ±450°, ±720s;
The maximum allowable inertia moment of the wrist is 0.3 kg·m, 0.3 kg·m, 0.1 kg·s;
Arm end 1/0 Input: 6, output: 900 mm,
Base panel 1/0 Input: 6 Output: 5s (expandable),
Rated voltage 220 V a.c. 50/60 Hz Rated power 1.5 kW.
Electronic intelligent lock installation jig:Steel baking paint, fixed chassis up and down can be adjusted, can realize the door lock clockwise, counterclockwise rotation open, installation sample position adjustment is convenient.
Number of tests:0 ~ 99999999 times preset.
Test frequency:0-20 times /min.
Control and operation:PLC intelligent program +TFT LCD touch screen operation (optional IPC control).
Equipment power supply:AC220V 50/60 Hz; 1.65KW.
Overall dimensions:(W*D*H) about 1250×700×1650mm
Weight:About 280Kg.

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