Electronic door lock life testing machine
Electronic door lock life testing machine
Electronic door lock life testing machine
  • Electronic door lock life testing machine
  • Electronic door lock life testing machine
  • Electronic door lock life testing machine

Electronic door lock life testing machine

The Electronic Door Lock Life Durability Testing Machine Fully Meets The Standards Of Ga 374-2019 (Electronic Anti-Theft Lock), Ga 701-2007 (Fingerprint Anti-Theft Lock·General Technical Conditions), And Gb 21556-2008 (General Technical Conditions For Lock Safety). 5.9.13 B Service Life Test, Suitable For Various Types Of Fingerprint Locks, Electronic Password Locks And Other Smart Door Locks, And Can Conduct Multi-Functional Tests On Various Smart Electronic Door Locks. It Adopts Plc + Touch Screen Control, Has A High Degree Of Automation, Can Quickly Install Sample Door Locks, Automatically Tests, And Automatically Alarms And Shuts Down After The Test Is Completed. It Is A Suitable Test Equipment For Various Quality Inspection Departments And Manufacturers.


Parameters of Electronic door lock life testing machine 

1. Electronic door lock life durability test function at the same time clamping and testing 1 ~ 2 locks;
2. The door frame is made of 100mmX50mmX3mm square pipe for easy disassembly. The locking plate can be installed, and 3 screws can be installed in the installation position. (Dimensions: length (1800mm-2300mm)× width 1320mm× height 2500mm);
3. The test door height 2100mmm× 1100mmm, the door weight is designed according to the standard 100KG, and the weight can be loaded to the total door weight 200Kg, the weight is calculated separately;
4, when the door weighs 100Kg to 200Kg, the vertical deformation of the test door plane shall not exceed 5mm;
5. Can realize the door lock clockwise and anticlockwise rotation open, easy adjustment;
6. The Angle of the opening handle can be adjusted at will, and the upward and downward pressure can be mentioned. The 0.4Kw servo motor is used as the driving device;
7. Torque can be adjusted, adjusted to 0~ 25 maximum torque up to 5KN;
8. The position of the motor can be adjusted up and down, fine tuning around;
9, each station operates independently, equipped with a set of system, equipped with the function of electronic lock (that is, add the function of knob opening square tongue and use card or fingerprint as the door opening device), each station is independent in PLC and touch screen;
10, each station can each with 10N. 25N. 50N and 120N load (European standard), load position from the door 25.4MM (change to 50mm, can be fine-tuned around) level for the center line of the hand. The fine-tuning joint can be realized up and down by the way of wire rope pulling.
11. Password keyboard can be set by itself, applicable to a variety of different row spacing and column spacing and non-standard keyboard, can set up to 2 groups of passwords, passwords * more than 22 bits (unlimited number of bits), the use of cyclic test;
12, with the keyboard function of pressing multiple keys at the same time to start the lock. The test of password lock can record the number of times of single key pressure and the number of times of password group test;
13. It can realize the test of optical fingerprint head and capacitive fingerprint head, and the press position of fingerprint can realize cyclic change (it can adapt to the test of fingerprint lock with the function of solving residual fingerprint);
14. High precision safety protection device, shutdown protection function in case of failure.

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