Dumbbell Prototype

Dumbbell Prototype

Dumbbell type prototype is suitable for the preparation of dumbbell type specimen in non-metallic tensile test. It can prepare dumbbell type specimen of various sizes. This machine has high efficiency, accurate sample size, and equipped with cutting debris absorption device, which is conducive to environmental health.


Features of Dumbbell Prototype

It conforms to GB/T1040-92 GB8804.1.2 and is used for the preparation of dumbbell sample in non-metallic tensile test. Thickness &gt specified in GB8802-88 "Testing Method for Vica Softening Temperature of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) Pipes and fittings" and GB1633-79 "Testing Method for Thermoplastic Softening Point (Vica)"; 6MM Vica sample. Total length of sample < 250MM wide 20-50MM thick < 10MM strip sample.

Parameters of  Dumbbell Prototype

Processing dumbbell shape and plane tool specifications:30×12×30MMMilling cutter speed:1430 RPM 715 RPM
Milling dumbbell motor power:60WDumbbell feed motor power:60W
Power supply voltage:220VOverall dimensions:700×500×800MM


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