Portable color difference meter - also known as portable spectrophotometer color meter, can directly read the data, but also can be connected to the computer, with software. Small size, easy to carry, high accuracy, moderate price. Applicable to plastics, coatings, electrical appliances, chemical products, cosmetics, printing, building materials, fibers and other fields.


Parameters of  Large Drop Tester

1. SC1(including reflection component) and SCE(without reflection component) can be measured simultaneously. Advanced digital control. Both SCI and SCE measurements can be completed in 1.5 seconds.

2, good reliability and durability. The pursuit of maintenance free design concept. The pursuit of maintenance free design concept. The introduction of digital technology minimizes the number of moving parts.

3. The world's first portable spectrophotometer with built-in UV instant adjustment function (no such function on CM-2500D). * The first portable spectrophotometer with UV instant adjustment function. 4, can be measured from various angles. Compact body, portable, flexible disk operation, large LCD display. Small and lightweight battery powered body can be measured from multiple angles according to the conditions of the measuring surface.

5, the most perfect color communication interface. Meets all relevant criteria and has a series of color equations. The optical system of the CM-2600 uses diffusion illumination 0 with integrating sphere. Mode of receiving light.

6, accurate positioning of the measurement target. In addition to the bright viewfinder and portable, stylish body, also can be converted between the two measuring calibers of 8MM and 3MM.

Parameters of  Large Drop Tester

Lighting/receiving systemD/8 (Diffused illumination, received at 8°) scI (including specular reflected light)/SCE (excluding specular reflected light) Simultaneous measurement (CIE NO.15, ISO7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN5033 TEIL7, JIS Z8722 Condition C)
sensorSilicon photodiode array (40 groups in two rows)
Spectroscopic methodPlanar folding grating
Integrating sphere sizeФ 52 mm
Measuring wavelength range36ONM~740NM
Measured wavelength interval10NM
Half-wave widthAbout 10NM
Reflectance measurement range0 ~ 175%; Resolution: 001%
Lighting sourcePulse xenon lamp x 2Pulse xenon lamp x 3 approx
Measuring timeAbout 1.5 seconds1.5 s (about 2 s for fluorescence measurement)
Measurement interval3 seconds (23" c hours)3 s (about 4 s for fluorescence measurement)
Measuring/lighting calibersФ8ΜΜ / Φ11ΜΜMAV: Ф8ΜΜ / Φ11ΜΜ;Ф3ΜΜ / Φ6ΜΜ
Standard observer2° view Angle, 10° view Angle
Viewing light sourceA, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12 (two light sources can be selected at the same time for display)
memory1,700 groups (SCI/SCE is one group of data)
portAn RS-232C serial port with an RJ45 port. Use the standard USB-serial port transfer cable IF-A24 to implement USB2.0 communication
Power supplyNo.5 battery (x 4), special AC adapter
Operating temperature and humidity range5°C to 40°c. The relative humidity is lower than 80% (35°c) without condensation
Storage temperature and humidity rangeo°c to 45°c. Relative humidity below 80% (35°c) without condensation
Size (length × width × height)193 × 69 × 96 MM
weightAbout 670G (including white correction plate, without battery)

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