Click the line tester

Click the line tester

Simulate the user in the process of using the touch screen with the stylus operation of the action test. The mobile phone is fixed in the horizontal (adjustable Angle) fixture → the stylus is fixed in the vertical direction of the touch screen fixture (vertical floating, can be balanced)→ The motor drives the mobile phone fixture, driving the mobile phone to and from the linear movement → The stylus is scratched on the touch screen test.


Product Overview:

1. Mobile phone touch screen scratch tester is a special equipment for scratch fatigue test of mobile phone touch screen.

2. The structure design is reasonable and unique, and it has full applicability to different types of mobile phones.

3. Stable operation, low noise, maintenance-free.

Test purpose:

1. Durability of touch screen.

2. Wear resistance of touch screen.

3. Other functional tests.

Function implementation:

1. Servo motor to achieve action; PLC control.

2. Large touch screen interface control.

3. Test distance, speed automatic input adjustment.

Parameters of Click the line tester

Number of workstations2/unit.
Operation methodtouch screen.
Action actuatorServo motor.
Fixture angle range0 to 90 degrees.
Reciprocating beat10 to 60 times/min (automatic adjustment).
counter6 bits (built-in).
power450W (including motor).
Overall dimensions600㎜*550㎜*600㎜;

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