2-station smart lock life testing machine

2-station smart lock life testing machine


Main configurationof  2-station smart lock life testing machine

1. Smart Door Lock Life Durability Testing Machine: 1 Set;

2. Test Station: Single Station;

3. The Door Frame Size Of The Simulated Door: The Test Door Is 2100Mm In Height Body Panel Length;

4. The Angle Of The Opening Handle Can Be Adjusted Arbitrarily, And It Can Be Pressed Up And Down;

5. Load: Each Station Comes With A 50N Load;

6. Fixture: Replaceable Test Fixture;

7. Screen: Lcd Screen Input Is Used, Screen Size >10 Inches, Resolution >1024*600;

8. Suitable For Testing Fully Automatic Smart Door Locks With Hidden Handle Structures;

9. Use Modules To Execute Actions;

10. Driven By Servo Motor.

Parameters of  2-station smart lock life testing machine

(1) Used for durability and stability test of intelligent door lock, with clockwise and counterclockwise rotation opening function;
(2) Support fingerprint unlock verification mode: capacitive fingerprint head test, fingerprint press position can realize cyclic change (can adapt to the fingerprint lock set with the function of solving residual fingerprint test);
(3) Support password unlock verification;
(4) Support card (standard card, special-shaped card) unlock verification;
(5) Press the thumb block, pull the slide cover, flip the fingerprint window, swipe the card, press the fingerprint and password are implemented by servo motor drive;
(6) Support 3 groups of different unlock password verification input
(7) Support two groups of verification methods (fingerprint, password, swipe card) combination verification unlock;
(8) Support the push-pull of the fingerprint window on the front panel;
(9) The number of tests can be displayed;
(10) Support the lifting handle test action, open the door can choose to rotate the handle to open the door or push open the door;
(11) Support intelligent lock battery voltage monitoring function, can display each station real-time voltage value and curve, voltage below the alarm set voltage value alarm stop, can record the number of each test and voltage value, stored in the U disk, can be guided to the computer to check.
2. Support password keyboard number: < 12 bits;
3. Support password bits: > 6 bit < 12 bits;
4. Rated power consumption of equipment: < 3000w;
5. Air supply input standard air pressure: (0.25~0.6) MPa;
6. Maximum programming steps: > 30 steps;
7. Test working frequency (fingerprint, password, swipe card, mechanical key) : (5~15) times /min;
8. Lock durability/life durability test times: 1~999999 times
9. Opening torque and torque: (0~44)N·m;
10, equipment power supply: AC220V 50HZ, power maximum 800w, working average output power is 400w.

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