Treadmill Dynamic Impact Tester

Treadmill Dynamic Impact Tester

The treadmill dynamic fatigue impact testing machine is specially used to simulate the running process of various treadmills, after a certain frequency of treading, to check the overall damage of the treadmill. Applicable test models: electric treadmill load impact fatigue test; non-electric treadmill load impact test, dynamic fatigue test.


Parameters of Treadmill Dynamic Impact Tester

The size of the bottom plate of the testing machine is about1200mm×2000mm
The free fall impact height can be freely set through the adjustment of the cylinder10~100mm adjustable
Change the shock frequency by adjusting the time controller and sensorThe fastest 60 times/min can be adjusted
Mass of free-falling weight75KG
Impact locationMiddle of treadmill width, 66% from the rear of the running surface
Treadmill speed8KM/hr and 12KM/hr
The maximum effective net width of the machine100cm
Power sourcemotor, compressed air
Way to controlAdopt PLC + color touch screen control; programmable controller as electrical control system
Show5.7 Color touch screen display
Safety protection deviceEmergency stop switch, overload protection device
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ.


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