Treadmill Belt Testing Machine

Treadmill Belt Testing Machine

It is suitable for running belt and roller life test of various specifications. Install the tested running belt or roller on the machine, adjust the corresponding running belt tension and running belt speed, the machine simulates the running belt and roller of the treadmill under a certain tension and rotation speed, according to the test procedure for durability. Test to check the durability of running belts and rollers.


Parameters of Treadmill Belt Testing Machine

Control SystemPLC and human-machine interface as the main control system of the equipment
Running belt width400-600 adjustable
The distance between the two rollers of the running belt800-1700mm adjustable
Running belt tension0-2000N adjustable
Running belt speed0.8-20Km adjustable
Test count0-9,99,999 times can be set freely
Way to controlPLC microcomputer automatic control
Display setting method7 inch color touch screen
Data storageSystem memory or U disk
Stop modeAutomatically stop after reaching the set number of times
Alarm methodAutomatic alarm for specimen damage, automatic alarm for unqualified specimens
Power supply220*10A
Gas source4-7kg/cm2

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