Outdoor fitness equipment comprehensive testing machine

Outdoor fitness equipment comprehensive testing machine

Fatigue tests can be performed on a variety of outdoor fitness equipment, including: walking machines, pendulums, pedaling machines, waist twisters, wrestling machines, tai chi kneading and pushing machines, big wheels, steppers, seesaws, rowing machines Machines, stretchers, pullers, pushers, elliptical machines, etc. In addition to being suitable for the above standards, the testing machine can also be used for static and dynamic testing of various sports and fitness equipment. Through the transformation of auxiliary fixtures, it can also test products specified by other national standards, which expands the scope of use of this machine.


Parameters of Outdoor fitness equipment comprehensive testing machine

1. Perform a fatigue test

2. Number of tests: 0-999999 can be set arbitrarily

3. Operating frequency or line speed: swinging and undulating equipment should not be less than 60 times/min (reciprocating each time), and the two-way swing angle should not be less than 60 degrees or 80% of the maximum designed range of motion. The linear speed of the moving surface is not less than 150m/min

4. PLC lower control + labview upper control software automatic control, the display screen observes all the push-pull times, swing times, and rotations; accurately records and displays the force value and curve in real time; detects the remaining time, continuous time, and accumulated times; Adopt PLC control, with RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, can design programs on the computer, monitor the test process. The use of special control software can realize multi-channel closed-loop control, and complete the functions of automatic control and automatic measurement of the test.

5. The number of inspections can be set. After the inspection is completed, the equipment will automatically stop and a quotation will be prompted.

6. It has the function of stop/power-off memory and breakpoint detection and shutdown; after a sudden power failure, if you call again, the device can automatically start with a delay of about 1-2 minutes, and continue to run according to the parameters set before the power failure, no manual work is required Then go to boot to set the parameters.

7. Shutdown method: automatic shutdown and alarm when the number of tests is reached, the equipment is damaged or the deformation is too large.

8. The equipment has a fault self-diagnosis system, which automatically diagnoses and displays the fault code when the equipment fails, which is convenient for inspection and troubleshooting.

9. Equipped with fixtures required for various fitness equipment testing

10. Equipped with 1 desktop Advantech industrial computer, HP printer, the computer configuration is not less than 4 cores, and 4G running memory.

11. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

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