Elliptical Bike Spinning Comprehensive Testing Machine

Elliptical Bike Spinning Comprehensive Testing Machine

This testing machine is designed according to EN957, ASTM F1250, ISO20957 and other test standards, and can perform fatigue tests on outdoor fitness equipment, including: indoor and outdoor elliptical machines, walking machines, spinning bikes, etc. It can be used for static and dynamic testing of various sports and fitness equipment. It can also test products specified by other national standards through the transformation of auxiliary fixtures, which expands the scope of use of this machine.


Application for Elliptical Bike Spinning Comprehensive Testing Machine

1. Perform a fatigue test

2. The number of tests: 0-999999 can be set arbitrarily

3. Test frequency: 5-70 times/min for oscillating and undulating equipment (reciprocating each time).

4. PLC automatic control, the touch screen observes all the push-pull force times and swing times; accurately records and displays the force value in real time; detects the running time and accumulated times; adopts the touch screen control, all operations can be intuitively operated on the touch screen. The use of special control software can realize multi-channel closed-loop control, and complete the functions of automatic control and automatic measurement of the test.

5. The number of detections can be set. After the detection is completed, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm.

6. It has the function of stop/power failure memory and breakpoint detection and shutdown; after a sudden power failure, if you call again, the device can automatically save the data, and continue to run according to the parameters set before the power failure, without the need to manually restart the machine to set parameters.

7. Shutdown method: automatic shutdown and alarm when the number of tests is reached, the equipment is damaged or the deformation is too large.

8. The equipment has a fault self-diagnosis system, which automatically diagnoses and displays the fault code when the equipment fails, which is convenient for inspection and troubleshooting.

9. Equipped with various test fixtures.

Parameters of Elliptical Bike Spinning Comprehensive Testing Machine

Test force value accuracy±5%
Control SystemAdopt PLC touch screen controller.
Power sourceAir pressure servo control system
Software interfaceFeihong control system
WeightAbout 500KG
Power supply1∮, 220V/50HZ;

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