Volumetric air tightness testing instrument

Volumetric air tightness testing instrument

Air tightness tester is also called air leak tester, waterproof tester, seal tester, etc. It is called differently according to the use, but its main use is the same - to judge the amount of leakage by the pressure rise and fall method, so as to judge The air tightness of the product or component is excellent.


The working principle of the Volumetric air tightness testing instrument

There are two types of volume detection methods: direct pressure volume type and differential pressure volume type.

Ordinary direct pressure type and differential pressure type just fill the gas pressure is fixed, and the volume is not fixed, the product is large, the product is filled with more gas to reach the test pressure, and the product is small, the gas is less filled to the test pressure. These classes are mainly used to detect open products.

The direct pressure volumetric type and the differential pressure volumetric type are filled with a fixed gas pressure and a fixed volume. It is mainly used to detect fully sealed products, such as electric toothbrushes, beauty instruments, car cameras, motors, car tire pressure gauges, gastroscope capsules and other products.

Scope of application Volumetric air tightness testing instrument

Automotive industry: waterproof test of headlights, waterproof test of engine parts, vehicle cameras, antennas, etc.

Battery industry: waterproof test of lithium battery shell welding line, sealing test of terminal and shell, etc.

Home appliance industry: coffee machines, juicers, blenders, kettles and other products with waterproof requirements.

Smart wear: smart bracelets, watches, underwater alarms, waterproof detection, etc.

Electronic consumption: sports audio, bluetooth speakers, etc., epilator, electric brush, electric bath head, etc.

Military supplies: waterproof detection of walkie-talkies, hand-held walkie-talkies, vehicle-mounted walkie-talkies, three-proof mobile phones, etc.

Valve pipeline: the sealing of the valve, the permeability of the pipeline, the waterproofness of the joint, etc.

Parameters of  Volumetric air tightness testing instrument

Way of workingVolumetric
Pressure range-85~0/-85~700Kpa optional
Pressure adjustment accuracy0.2%F.S
Pressure unitKpa
Pressure adjustment methodMechanical
Parameter group10sets
Time setting (s)999.9
External control signal2 signal
I/O interfaceSupport
Data storage100000
Gas sourceGreater than the maximum test range
Suitable for productsOpen / fully sealed structure
Detection methodExternal pressure test
Test mediumTest gas
Input voltageAC220V 50HZ
Physical dimension470mmx290mmx280mm

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