Tape tack tester

Tape tack tester

It is suitable for the initial tack test of adhesive tapes, labels, tapes, plaster, babes, protective films and other products.


Features of Tape tack tester

1. The test steel ball designed in full accordance with the standard ensures the accuracy of the test data;

2. The test principle of the inclined surface rolling ball method is adopted, which is easy to operate;

3. The test tilt angle can be freely adjusted according to the needs of users.

4. The three-station design is adopted, and the test efficiency is higher;

5. Equipped with 46 test steel balls for pharmacopoeia.

Parameters of Tape tack tester

Adjustable inclination0~60°
Table width120mm
Test area width80mm
Standard steel ball1/32 inch to 1 inch
Dimensions430mm×160mm×170mm (length, width and height)
Operating temperature15℃-50℃
Relative humidityNo more than 80%, no condensation

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