Sticky tape

Sticky tape

It is suitable for the stickiness test of waterproof membrane, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and other products. Hang the test plate with the sample on the test stand vertically, and hang the weight of the specified weight at the lower end. Use the displacement of the sample to stick off after a certain period of time or the time for the sample to completely detach to test the resistance of the adhesive tape to pulling off. Ability.


Features of Sticky tape

1. The test board and test weight are designed in strict accordance with the 2014 GB/T 4851 standard to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

2. The system is controlled by a microcomputer, with a PVC operation panel, and the six stations can perform multiple sets of tests at the same time.

3. LCD liquid crystal display, red warning light, convenient for users to quickly conduct test operations and view data.

4. The functions of automatic timing and locking further ensure the high accuracy of the test results.

5. After the test, each station will automatically print the test results.

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