PCT high-pressure accelerated aging /Steam aging test chamber

Steam aging test chamber

Steam aging test chambert is suitable for the sealing performance of national defense, aerospace, auto parts, electronic parts, plastics, magnet industries, pharmaceuticals, circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, IC, LCD, magnets, lighting, lighting products and other products. Testing, accelerated life test of related products, used in the design stage of the product, used to quickly expose the defects and weak links of the product. Test the wear resistance and air tightness of its products.


Features of Steam aging test chamber

1. The imported high temperature resistant solenoid valve double-circuit structure is adopted, which reduces the failure rate to the greatest extent.

2. Independent steam generating room to avoid direct impact of steam on the product, so as to avoid local damage to the product.

3. The labor-saving structure of the door lock solves the shortcoming of the difficulty of locking the disc handle of the first generation product.

4. The cold air is exhausted before the test; the cold air exhaust design (the air in the test barrel is exhausted) during the test improves the pressure stability and reproducibility.

5. Super long-term experimental operation time, long-term actual operation of the machine for 400 hours.

6. Water level protection, which can be detected and protected through the water level Sensor in the laboratory.

7. The tank pressure resistance design, the box pressure resistance (140t)) 2.65kg, in line with the water pressure test 6kg.

8. Two-stage pressure safety protection device adopts two-stage combined controller and mechanical pressure protection device.

9. Safety protection pressure relief button, two-stage automatic pressure relief button of alarm and emergency safety device.

Test standards for Steam aging test chamber

IEC60068-2-66、JESDEC-A110、A118、IEC60068-2-66、JESDEC A110、A118

Parameters of Steam aging test chamber

Inner box size(50x40x 17)cm
Carton size(60 x 50 x 42)cm
Steam temperatureRT+10~97P
Control precision±0.5
Power supply220v

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