Standard condensate test chamber

Standard condensate test chamber

The condensate water test chamber is an environmental test equipment manufactured by Linpin Instruments according to DIN EN ISO6270-2, DIN 50018 and other corresponding standards. In aerospace, quality inspection institutions, new materials, automotive electronics and other industries.


Features of Standard condensate test chamber

1. The material of the outer box is made of high-quality (t=1.2mm) A3 steel plate CNC machine tool, and the surface of the shell is sprayed to make it more smooth and beautiful;

2. The inner box is made of imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304);

3. Insulation material e rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber;

4. The refrigeration system adopts fully enclosed French Taikang compressor;

5. Independent research and development of temperature and humidity instrument, 7-inch high-definition true color LCD touch screen, bringing you tactile and visual dignity and comfort; the controller panel is equipped with a 10M/100M Ethernet interface as standard, which automatically obtains an IP address for remote control. It can support real-time monitoring, historical curve playback, program editing, FTP upload and download, historical fault viewing, remote setting/program control and other functions.

Parameters of Standard condensate test chamber


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