Rapid temperature and humidity change test chamber

Rapid temperature and humidity change test chamber

Rapid Temperature Change Chamber Programmable Rapid Temperature Change Testing Machine Rapid Temperature Chamber.Rapid temperature change test chamber is mainly used in electronics, aviation, automobile, household appliances, military, LED, circuit board, scientific research and other fields, for high temperature drought resistance, low temperature cold resistance test, adaptability and stress screening test under the condition of rapid temperature change or gradual change.


Features of Rapid temperature change test chamber

1. Colorful Chinese and English LCD touch screen, easy to operate.

2. With R232,485,USB interface, Ethernet communication function, so that the test process of the whole record monitoring and export printing.

3. Adopt the popular energy-saving control mode, automatically adjust the compressor refrigeration power, compared with the traditional heating

balance control energy consumption is reduced by 30%.

4. The main accessories of the whole machine are used, so that the overall quality of the equipment has been improved or guaranteed.
5. Size/parameters/functions can be customized according to user requirements.

Parameters of Rapid temperature change test chamber


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