Plastic Melt Flow Rate Tester

Plastic Melt Flow Rate Tester

Plastic Melt Flow Rate Tester is used to measure various plastics and resins passing a certain temperature and load when they are in a viscous flow state.


It is used to measure the MFR value of the melt flow rate of various plastics and resins when they pass a certain temperature and load in a viscous flow state, and pass through a standard die every 10 minutes. Plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, also suitable for polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, polyoxymethylene (POM), polycarbonate (PC) resin and other low melting temperature It is widely used in plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical and other industries as well as related institutions, scientific research units and commodity inspection departments.

Features of Plastic Melt Flow Rate Tester

1. Chinese and English color LCD display

2. Manual automatic cutting

3. Dual temperature control system, more precise temperature control accuracy and higher heating efficiency

4. Double imported sensors, the upper and lower temperature gradients are more accurate, can be used independently, and improve the service life

5. The barrel is nitrided by imported Hastelloy, and the die is made of carbon tungsten steel.

6. The insulation barrel is made of all sus304 stainless steel, which will not rust for a long time at high temperature

7. Automatically calculate the results and print out

Parameters of  Plastic Melt Flow Rate Tester

Extrusion part
Outlet diameter2.095 ± 0.005 mm
Outlet length8.000±0.025mm
Charging barrel diameter9.550±0.025mm
Charging barrel length152 soil 0.1 mm
Piston rod head diameter9.475 ± 0.015 mm
Piston rod head length6.350±0.100mm
Standard test load (level 8)
Level 10.325kg=(piston rod+weight tray+insulation sleeve+weight body No.1)
level 21.200 kg=(0.325+2 No. 0.875 weight)
Level 32.160 kg=(0.325+No.3 1.835 weight)
level 43.800 kg=(0.325+No.4 3.475 weight)
Level 55.000 kg=(0.325+No.5 4.675 weight)
Level 610.000 kg=(0.325+No.5 4.675 weight + No.6 5.000 weight)
Level 712.500 kg=(0.325+No.5 4.675 weight + No.6 5.000+No.7 2.500 weight)

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