Overlay Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Overlay constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Hongjin constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to test the performance of materials in various environments and to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, drying resistance and humidity resistance of various materials.


Features of  temperature and humidity test chamber

1.High-quality appearance, the body adopts arc shape, the surface is treated with matte stripes, and the flat non-reaction handle is used, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable

2. The rectangular double-layer glass viewing window can be used to observe the test items during the test. The viewing window is equipped with an anti-sweat electric heater device to prevent water vapor from condensing and water droplets, and high-brightness PI fluorescent lamps keep the interior of the box illuminated.

3. It has a test hole for external test power cord or signal line and an up and down adjustable storage tray. Box door Double-layer insulation and tight airtight, which can effectively isolate internal temperature leakage

4. With an external water supply system, it is convenient to supplement the water supply of the humidification barrel, and it can be recycled and used automatically.

5. The compressor circulation system adopts the French "Taikang" brand, which can effectively remove the lubricating oil between the condenser tube and the capillary tube.

6. The controller adopts an imported 7-inch touch screen, which can display the measured value and the set value at the same time. The temperature and humidity test conditions are programmable. The test data supports USB direct export, and the maximum recording time is 3 months.

7. The built-in moving pulley is easy to move and place and has a strong positioning screw to fix the position.

Test standards for temperature and humidity chambers

GB/T 2423.2-2001 Test B: High temperature test method

GJB 150.3-1986 High temperature test

IEC68-2-2 Test B: Dry Heat. GB 11158 "Technical Conditions for High Temperature Test Chamber"

GB10586-1 "Technical Conditions of Damp Heat Test Chamber"

GB/T 2423.2 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test B: High Temperature Test Methods".

GB/T 2423.3 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ca: Constant Damp Heat Test Method". Etc...

Parameters of temperature and humidity test chamber


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