Middle tube bending test machine

Middle tube bending test machine

The machine uses static weights as the anti-compression knife, which is applied to the carbon fiber middle tube on the two fulcrums, and the deformation amount of its fixed load is understood by the display. Full inspection of the tube.


Parameters of Middle tube bending test machine 

Test driveair pressure
Pivot spacing500~1050mm adjustable
Test RangeSet at 0~80mm
Scimitar load resistance500 lbs (combination)
Anti-curved knife diameter(SR 220mm, top cut down 55.6mm) and (SR 25.4mm, H 130mm) can be replaced
Two point support fixture(R 25.4mm, H130mm) *3, (R 25.4mm, H106mm)* 1 (R 25.4mm, H85.5mm) *1
Minimum deflection display0.01mm
Volume (D×H×H)1956*1020*500cm
Weight (approx.)83 kg
Power supply1∮, AC220V 50Hz
Air pressure source5.5kgf/cm2 (bring your own)
Operating environment conditionsRoom temperature 23±3℃, humidity 60±5%.

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