Mattress Rolling Tester

Mattress Rolling Tester


The mattress rolling durability test is a machine designed to simulate the constant rolling during human sleep. The rolling durability is a rolling loading module placed on the horizontally placed mattress loading part, rolling at a certain frequency, and testing the mattress. Reciprocating loading is used to test the ability of the mattress to withstand long-term repetitive rolling loads. The durability of the mattress edge is mainly to test the durability of the edge of the mattress to meet the requirements of various mattress manufacturers and standards. It is used to determine the quality and service life of mattresses, and strictly abide by the requirements of national standards for mechanical testing. Suitable for strong spring mattresses, ordinary spring mattresses, foam mattresses, brown fiber elastic mattresses, etc.

Features of Mattress Rolling Tester

1. The equipment meets 3 test methods: pavement rolling durability test, edge durability test, and cushion surface height test.

2. Use PLC control to achieve fully automatic test results, one-key control of two test modes, automatic operation and manual.

3. The pavement rolling durability test part adopts a gantry-type mechanical structure, and uses a high-thrust servo motor and a high-precision heavy-duty linear guide as the transmission parts; a well-known brand touch screen is required as the input control to make the operation control more user-friendly and concise.

4. The roller loading of the pavement durability test adopts the free loading of the linear sliding bearing; the durability test adopts the free loading of the loading block + the linear sliding bearing. Because there is only rolling friction of the linear bearing, the accuracy of the loading force can be guaranteed. Therefore, the loading force is more meet the standards.

5. Touch screen control display, powerful and intelligent.

6. Beautiful appearance: fully hidden wiring to prevent leakage during operation and the danger of any power system; the bearing surface is made of stainless steel, with a smooth surface, which is convenient for loading mattresses; all steel base, no need to drill holes to fix the ground, fully Ensure that the instrument does not move or shake during operation.

7. Test the height of the pad surface The servo motor is used as the drive to test at the speed specified by the standard, and the curve between the force value of the loading pad pressing on the specimen and the corresponding sag value is displayed, and the height measurement is performed automatically.

8. The drum is made of special material, with good wear resistance, smooth surface, no cracking, no deformation, and long service life.

9. The mid-point positioning of the rolling test, automatically find the mid-point of the mattress, without manual re-positioning, and PLC start-point positioning.

10. Humanized control system, simple interface, complete functions, using high-speed response touch screen, easy to operate.

11. The test results can be printed out by the printer according to the file format required by the customer.

12. Data protection: automatic saving after power failure (data can be automatically saved after power failure).

13. The base is made of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles and stainless steel SUS304 pavement, which is durable for many years.

14. The edge durability test part adopts a cantilevered mechanical structure and uses pneumatic loading transmission parts, which improves the mechanical strength and rigidity of the whole machine, increases the service life and the accuracy of the detection data, and effectively reduces the running noise.

15. The standard fixture made of CNC machining can better reflect the mechanical properties of the human body.

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